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Moroccan Lamb Kabobs

I don't know if you have ever heard of the Spice Blend "Ras El Hanout", but if you have not it is something you

really should check out. It is a Spice Blend used in Northern Africa (like Morocco) that has sooo much flavor

as it is composed of many many different spices. My own blend contain 19 different spices.

(See below)

The name "Ras El Hanout" means "Top Shelf" indicating it is THE BEST Spice Blend in the shop you can buy!

I use it mostly with Lamb. (It is fantastic with Lamb Roast) but it is great with Chicken as well.

Either buy it in the grocery store or use my recipe below and make your own blend and then try my Kabobs!

If you like Flavor...........You won't be disappointed !!!

Ingredients for Lamb Kabobs:

500g Lamb Mince (Lammfärs)

3 Tbsp (Msk) Ras El Hanout Spice Blend 

1 tsp (tsk) Salt

1 tsp (tsk) Onion Powder (Lökpulver)

1 tsp (tsk) Garlic Powder (Vitlökspulver)

Ras El Hanout Spice Blend (My Own Mix) All spices Ground:

1 Tbsp (Msk) Ginger (Ingefära)

3 tsp (tsk) Cumin (Spiskummin)

2 tsp (tsk) Coriander (Koriander)

4 tsp (tsk) Paprika

1 tsp (tsk) Cinnamon (Kanel)

1 tsp (tsk) Allspice berries (Kryddpeppar)

1 tsp (tsk) Black Pepper (Svartpeppar)

1 tsp (tsk) White Pepper (Vitpeppar)

1 tsp (tsk) Turmeric (Gurkmeja)

2 tsp (tsk) Mace (Muskatblomma)

1 tsp (tsk) Nutmeg (Muskat-Nöt)

1 tsp (tsk) Cardamom (Kardemumma)

2 tsp (tsk) Fennel seed (Fänkålsfrö)

½ tsp (tsk) Anise seed (Anisfrö)

½ tsp (tsk) Fenugreek (Bockhornsklöver)

¼ tsp (tsk) Cloves (Nejlika)

½ tsp (tsk) Caraway seeds (Kummin)

3 tsp (tsk) Garlic Powder (Vitlökspulver)

3 tsp (tsk) Onion Powder (Lökpulver)

Lamb Kabobs:

Mix the Lamb Mince with all the other ingredients and the Ras El Hanout Spice Blend,

then measure out 6 roughly equally heavy pieces of the mince.

(Mine came out at a little under 100g per piece, see picture below)

Start up your grill. I used my W57 with 26 briquettes (Weber of course) and put half of the

briquettes on each side in the grill to make an indirect path in the middle.

I then squeezed the Lamb Mince pieces onto each of the 6 Skewers in the Weber Skewer setup.

(see picture below) 

Grilling with the Weber Rotisserie Motor in the W57 without smoke but under lid for ca 45 minutes.

Comes out Great !!! These Lamb Kabobs are straight from Flavortown :)

Try in a Tortilla with some Garlic Mayo and you will Love It !!!!