Burnt Ends English

Burnt Ends Originally is taking a part of the Brisket that has already been cu'ed, then cut it in pieces,

then steaming the pieces in a liquid to become real tender. 

The Brisket consists of two parts joined together. "The Point" and "The Flat".

(You can see this in the Meat Fibers that have different directions on the Brisket.)

"The Point" is the part that is a bit thicker at one end of the Brisket.

"The Flat" is the Flat Piece with a lot of Fibers going the same direction.

When you have cu'ed the whole Brisket, you cut the Point part into smaller pieces ( like 1 inch pieces)

and put them in an aluminum container together with a liquid marinade and then steam them.

This way the Meat gets extremely tender and very flavourful.

When I was cu'eing these Burnt Ends, it suddenly struck me that this is more of a technique

rather than a BBQ Meat. Basically you can use this technique on any kind of meat and with any type

of flavoring!

I have tried this technique with so many types of flavor profiles, from Mexican to Asian

and they all come out great!!! Using Beef, Pork, Chicken or Duck, you name it !!!

The World is Your Flavour !!!!

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