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Japan's most famous Grilled Chicken is really all about

the Marinade or "Tare" as it is called. So keep brushing !!!



Chicken in pieces


TARE (Marinade)


1/2 Cup (1 dl) Sake (Japanese Spirit)

1/2 Cup (1 dl) Mirin

3/4 Cup (1,75 dl) Japanese Soy Sauce

2 Tbsp (Msk) Sugar

½ tsp (tsk) Sesame-Oil


Mix the Marinade and divide in half.

Place Chicken Pieces in one of the halves and put in fridge for 48 hours.

Start up your Grill for indirect Grilling at around 200c (400F) under lid.

(I use a Rotisserie)

Grill Chicken Pieces while Brushing with the Tare every 10 minutes.


Keep brushing until they are done.