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General Tso's Chicken

Here's a real classic Takeaway that is perfect for making with an Airfryer.

I didn't know General Tso personally, but his Chicken is really good !!!



500g Chicken Fillet in small (1/2 inch) pieces

1,2L ( 1 Quart) Water

0,5 dl (1/4 Cup) Salt

0,5 dl (1/4 Cup) Sugar

1 dl (1/2 Cup) Fineground White Cornflour (I use Maizena)

Canola Oil for brushing


Sauce Ingredients:


3 Cloves Garlic finely chopped (Vitlök Finhachad)

2cm (1 inch) Ginger finely chopped (Ingefära Finhackad)

½ tsk (tsp) Pepper Flakes

½ dl (1/4 Cup) Water (Vatten)

6 Msk (Tbsp) Soya

2 Msk (Tbsp) Rice Vinegar

2 Msk (Tbsp) Hoisin Sauce

3 Msk (Tbsp) Light Muscovado Sugar

1 tsk (tsp) Sesame Oil

1 tsk (tsp) Sambal Oelek

2 tsk (tsp) Sesame Seeds for sprinkling.


Mix Water, Salt and Sugar into a brine. Place Chicken Pieces in brine for 24 hours 

Make the Sauce. Fry Garlic, Ginger and Pepper Flakes. Add the rest of Sauce ingredients.

Let the Sauce come together on medium heat and then keep it warm until the Chicken is done.

Take the Chicken Pieces out of the brine and dip them into the Cornflour.

Make sure they are well floured and dry. Let them rest like that for 30 minutes.

Dip them again in the Cornflour so they are really coated.


Brush the Airfryer Basket with Oil and brush the Chicken Pieces with Oil. 

Set your Airfryer to 200c (400F) and heat it up for 3 minutes.


Then place the Chicken Pieces in the Basket and fry for 8 minutes.

After 8 minutes turn the pieces and fry another 5 minutes.


Place the Chicken Pieces directly into the Sauce and Sprinkle with Sesame Seeds.


Serve and Enjoy Your Very Own Chinese Takeaway !!!