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DobanJiang Dumplings

One of my favourite Friday "Snack Foods" is Dumplings.

Eaten with your hands and dipped in a good sauce

they are yummy (and they go well with a beer) !

In Chinese Food my favourite flavor is DobanJiang (the stuff used in Mapu Dofu)

So I figured why not make a version of Mapu Dofu but with the Meat sauce inside Dumplings!

Perfect opportunity to use the Airfryer to make the Dumplings Crisp

The combination of the Flavorful Inside with the Crispy Outside is outstanding !!!

Y'all gotta try it !!!



1 Pound (500g) Ground Meat (Köttfärs)

Wonton Dumpling Wrappers for Deep Frying (Not for steaming)

1 Onion (Gul Lök) Finely Chopped

5 Cloves Garlic (Vitlöksklyftor) Finely Chopped

2 Strands Lemon Grass (Citrongräs) Finely Chopped

2 Spring Onions (Vårlök) Finely Chopped




3 Tbsp (Msk) DobanJiang (Chinese Chili Bean Sauce)

2 Tbsp (Msk) Fish Sauce

2 Tbsp (Msk) Lime Juice

5 Tbsp (Msk) Light Soya Sauce

5 Tbsp (Msk) Sherry

1 tsp (tsk) Honey (Honung)


Small Brush

Small bowl of water

Canola Oil for brushing

Sweet Chili Sauce for serving


In a Wok or Casserole fry the Onion, Garlic and Lemongrass lightly.


In a bowl mix all the ingredients for the Marinade.


In a pan fry the Ground Meat while breaking it up until fully cooked.

(I also pour off the fat. Healthier this way.)


In the Wok/Casserole mix in the Fried Meat with the Onion mix.


Pour over the Marinade and mix well. Simmer slowly for 10 minutes.


Add the Chopped Spring Onions.


Take out a few Wonton Dumpling Wrappers and lay them flat.


Place 1 Full Teaspoon of filling on each Wrapper


Brush Wrapper edges with water. Fold up Wrapper


Brush Wrapper/Dumplings lightly with Canola Oil


Brush the Airfryer Basket with Canola Oil


Start up the Airfryer at 200c for 3 minutes to warm up.


Fry the Dumplings for 5 minutes each.


Enjoy with Sweet Chili Sauce or by themselves.

Remember, Flavor on the Inside and Crispy on the Outside !!!