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Working Gloves

Probably the Best Tool in my armory and definitely the most important!

 I don’t know how many times I have had to handle glowing materia, be it fall off briquettes or

glowing metal or burning fat and everytime being saved by my Gloves!

Why was I saved? Because I have found the best most protective gloves anywhere.

Don't go for those Weber, Broil-King or other brand name BBQ/Grilling Gloves.

They are so thin, non-protective and really dangerous.

Instead buy a pair of Good Quality Real-Leather, insulated (preferably for winter) Work-Gloves.

These are Made for Craftsmen and can take much more glowing matter than you think. 


They are so insulated and so real-Leather covered that they protect my hands exceptionally well.


Protect your hands too !!!