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Meat Thermometers. Your path to success!!!


The most important rule when Barbecuing, Smoking or Grilling is to achieve the exact right

Innertemperature in the Meat, Fish or Vegetable that you are cooking.


The meat obviously have to be adequately cooked for health reasons but also the perfect Innertemperature makes the perfect cook. There is only one way to achieve that and that is using a Meat Thermometer.

I have several and get a new one every year.


Actually got a Weber iGrill for my 60th birthday which is great as I can use it with my iPhone to keep track of progress. But there are many cheap ones that are ok.


Just pay attention to how you stick it in the Meat.

Make sure it is in the thickest part so as to get the best reading.


For Chicken for instance I always put it in the thick part of the Breast.

I know a lot of people say it should go in the Thigh but I feel I get the best reading from the that part of the Breast.


I use it for Salmon, Flanksteak and just about everything else. Just remember to always have some spare batteries at hand and make sure you straighten out the cable before switching it on!