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I know! I am giving serious secrets away here. (Almost)


You should know that as BBQDude I am famous for my Spice Mixes.

They are not as the storebought stuff full of Salt (which is cheap) nor full of e-numbers

or even worse Monosodium Glutamat (MSG) which research tellus is not healthy.

My Spice Mixes are made entirely of Ground Spices and nothing more.
Then you can add Salt or Sugar or anything you want.

And I can tell you the flavor is a million times better than the storebought stuff.


I start with deciding which mix do I want to do?

Jerk Spice? Fajita Spice? Taco Spice? BBQ Spice? Ras-El-Hanout? Curry powder?


Then what I do is to Google such a recipe and then write down at least six different recipes

that I find on the web for the specific Spice Mix that I wanna make.


Then from my notes I take one spice at a time and make an average of it.

Like this :

Cumin 2 tsp

Cumin 3 tsp    = Average Cumin 2 tsp

Cumin 1 tsp

When I have the average of all the spices included in the spice mix blended in a bowl, then I start tasting.

Just a small amount at the edge of a teaspoon. Taste! Think! Now you add.


Remember you can’t take away, so add slowly by teaspoons or half teaspoons and write down

every ounce so you know exactly what you put in.


Keep adding until you are happy with the mix.

I promise it will taste much much better than anything you can buy.