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Salmon Smoking

Salmon Smoking Tip!

When I started smoking Salmon I had some problems lifting my pieces of brined Salmon into the Smoker.

The pieces were slippery and hard to handle and I never got a good grip on them.


Then I came up with the solution: Use a Baking Paper Sheet!


So I cut a piece of Baking Paper Sheet. The same width as the Salmon piece, but longer than the piece

in both ends to have something to hold it with.


Then I move the Salmon piece by holding the paper in each end, then lifting it in and out of the Smoker by holding it in the ends of the Baking Paper.


When placed in the Smoker, the Salmon piece will get the same amount of smoke as it would have

without the paper, but is much easier to put it in and take out and you wont drop it!