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Yeah I know a lot of people just slap the whole Ribs on the Smoker.

I have done that as well but have found that cut up Ribs are not only easier to handle but also taste much better as there is more Meat exposed to the Smoke and Heat.


When preparing your Ribs, one important thing is to remove the membrane on the backside.

Why? Because the membrane will otherwise prevent the flavoring to penetrate the meat.

Now this can be bit tricky sometimes working with a whole rack, but it is much easier if the rack

is cut up into smaller pieces. I cut mine into 3 or 4 pieces. Then remove the membrane. Much easier!


For the classic 3-2-1 Ribs (see under BBQ Recipes English) I then put the Rib pieces in a Broil-King Rib-Rack and put the Rib-Rack into a Weber 6416 aluminum-foil pan. The Broil-King Rib-Rack fits perfectly in that pan.

Then I put the whole thing in the Smoker.


Then after 3 hours I just lift the whole thing out and put on my bench.

I then take the Rib pieces off the Rib-Rack and place them as they are in the foil pan.

Then I cover the foil pan with foil and put them back in the Smoker.


After 2 hours I take out the foil pan, brush the Rib pieces with some Glaze.

Then put the pieces back in the Rib-Rack again and place the Rack back on the Smoker for that last hour.


Comes out perfect everytime and boy those sides from the cutting tastes just awesome!