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Spare Ribs

I really love cu’eing Spare Ribs as they are full of flavor and with melt in your mouth soft meat.


The best way I know is what we call 3-2-1 Ribs. They are called that because you BBQ them in 3 simple steps.

First you BBQ them low&slow for 3 hours getting those fantastic flavors.

Next you steam them in a foil pan for 2 hours to become meltinyourmouth good.

Lastly you Glaze them and cook for 1 more hour so they get a good ”Bark”.


This way is also very practical because you know it is gonna take exactly 6 hours until food will be served.

So just calculate backwards and your family will be happy 😁




Spare Ribs






Light Muscovado Sugar




Foil Pan (I use Weber Foil Pan 6416)


Aluminum Foil


BBQ Glaze (see tab Sauces & Dips)


Wood Chunks for smoke. (I use 2 Cherry & 2 Hickory Chunks)


Start by cutting the Ribs into 3 or 4 pieces (I do 4 pieces). This is just for easy handling.


Remove the thin membrane on the backside of the Ribs (easier to do if the Ribs are in 3-4 pieces).


Put some Salt on both sides of the pieces. Mix the BBQ Rub with an equal amount of Light Muscovado Sugar.

(I usually use around 3 Tbsp of each.) and Rub the Ribs with the Rub & Muscovado blend.

Put the Ribs in the fridge for 24-48 hours to marinate.


When it is time for cue start your Smoker up for 250F (125c) and a 6 hour smoke.


Put the Ribs in the Smoker. I use a Rib-Rack! (see Tips & Trix English).


BBQ the Ribs for 3 hours with smoke but without opening Smoker.


After the 3 hours take out the Ribs and put them in a Foil Pan.

Pour in 1/2 cup (1dl) Applejuice in the foil pan and cover the pan tightly with Foil.

Put the Foil Pan back on the Smoker and steam the Ribs for another 2 hours.


After the 2 hours take the Ribs out from the foil pan, brush them with Glaze

and put them back in the Smoker again for the final hour.


Run the Ribs in the Smoker for 1 more hour and glaze them every now and then.

Enjoy !!!