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Smoked Pork Fillet

When we have our annual "Big Family BBQ" in our beloved Family many of us are looking

forward to the Smoked Pork Fillet. It is not difficult to do but enormously popular !!!

Try it and see what your Family thinks !!!


Pork Fillet (tip, I usually do 2-3 fillets at the same time)


1Quart (1 Liter) Water

1/4 Cup (½ dl) Salt

1/4 Cup (½ dl) Sugar

1/4 Cup (½ dl) Soy Sauce

1/4 Cup (½ dl) Maple Syrup

1/4 Cup (½ dl) Worchestershire Sauce


Injection Syringe for Food

Start by mixing the Brine. Mix Water, Salt, Sugar, Soy Sauce, Maple Syrup, Worchestershire Sauce and BBQ Rub

Put Pork Fillet in appropriate container and pour Brine over. Inject Brine into Fillet with syringe.

Put Pork Fillet in fridge for minimum of 4 days.

Take out Pork Fillet. Wipe off and massage Fillet with BBQ Rub.

Put a thermometer in the Fillet.

Start up your Smoker for 250F (125c) and a 3 hour smoke.

Smoke with some chunks of Hickory until inside temperature comes up to 140F (70c)

It is Supergood right away but just as good Next day!!! Slice thinly !!!