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Cued Flanksteak

One of my Classic Easy Cue's. Works Great with Soft Tortilla Tacos !!!



Flank Steak around 2 Pounds (1Kg)

Kosher Salt

Fajita Spice Mix

Hickry Chunks


Put in a toohpick (or cocktailstick) across the fibers where you will cut the finished meat.

Season heavily with Salt and Fajita Spice Mix


Start up your Smoke at 250F (125c) for a 3 hour smoke.


Put a thermometer in the Meat and place the piece on your Smoker

Smoke the Meat with 2 Chunks Hickory first 30 minutes

The 2 more for the next 30 minutes. 


Smoke until inside temperature reaches 135F (68c), Takes around 3 hours.


Let it rest for 15 minutes.Slice aross the grain (same way as toothpick)!