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Competition Chicken Thighs

Competition BBQ is huge in the US and attract thousands of visitors. (Wish I was one of them)

Best example is the Jack Daniels World Championship Invitational Barbeque that have almost 50 000

visitors every year! Imagine winning such a Tournament ! Wow!!!

Here in "Little Texas" (Torshälla, Sweden) we can try for ourselves and make a classic

US Competition Recipe and then present it to the Toughest Jury available, 

that is the Wife, Husband or Family !😁.

So The Dude decided to enter the competition and guess what? I won !!!

Well there were no other contestants but the Competition Chicken Thighs were judged

by the Jury to be some of the Best Ever Eaten !!!

I have to agree. Juicy, Just Rightly Smoked and Perfectly Seasoned. They came out Competetively Good !

Try them yourself. Test my recipe and let your closest ones be the judge and jury and then

humbly accept the accolades !!! Yeehaw!


Chicken Thighs with Skin and Bone still on

1 Cup (2 1/2 dl) Chicken Stock




Muffin Mold for Large Muffins (6 indentations)

5 Tbsp BBQ Sauce

Take hold and move the Skin from the Right Side over to the Left Side so that the Skin is still attached to the Thigh but only along one side. (see picture below)

Using a sharp knife cut off superflous fat, veins and anything else disgusting, i.e. trim the Thigh so that it is only meat on it and nothing else but with the Skin still attached.

Turn the Thigh and cut off the knob on the leg. This is easiest made with a pair of Bird-Scissors.

Cut and trim so that it looks good and proportional, i.e. cut off stuff that shouldn't be there.

The idea is to shape a nice even looking Chicken Thigh.

Turn the Thigh back on the other side. Fold out the piece of skin. Scrape the skin carefully with a sharp knife

so that you scrape of any excess fat, this will be better for the skin.

Careful not to make any holes in the skin.That would earn you minus points!

Put skin flap back on Thigh and trim off any stuff that looks weird.

Season Thigh with Salt and BBQ Rub under the skin, on top of the skin and also on the underside of the Thigh.

Start up you Smoker at 250F (125c) for a 3 hour smoke.

In the Muffin Tray pour in 2 Tbsp Chicken Stock and 1 tsp of Butter in each indentation.

Put the Thighs in the Muffin Tray, one in each indentation, with the skin side down.

Place 1 tsp of Butter on top of every Thigh.

Put Muffin Tray in the Smoker and smoke for 1 1/2 hour.

I put in 4 Chunks Cherry Wood for the first half hour and 2 more Chunks for the next half hour.

(Always with Cherry Wood chunks from , they have the best !

After 1 1/2 hour take the Muffin Tray off the Smoker and very very carefully lift the thighs using 2 forks

to turn them upside down so that the skin side is now up instead.

Sprinkle with BBQ Rub and place back into the Smoker again for another 45 minutes.

Mix the rest of the Chicken Stock together with the 5 Tbsp BBQ Sauce for a Glaze.

After 45 minutes take off the Muffin Tray from the Smoker.

Dip the Chicken Thighs in the Glaze and place them back on the grid in the Smoker

for another 10 minutes to Glaze up.

After 10 minutes take the Thighs off the Smoker.

Pour the rest of the Glaze over the Thighs and serve the Jury !

Receive the Standing Ovations from the Jury !!!