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Chipotle Chiles

Every year, thanks to My Beloved Wife I have an abundance of Jalapeno Chiles in the Greenhouse.


I always pickle a whole bunch of them to be eaten over the winter (see Pickle Recipe below).

But I also make Chipotle Chiles from some. Chipotle Chile is really a Smoked and Dried Red Jalapeno.


This is both fun and easy!



Red Jalapeno Chiles (Red means they are ripe)

Pecan smoking wood


Get your Smoker going at 250F (125c) for a 2 hour smoke


Take a sharp knife and cut a small slit lengthwise in each Chile. This is to avoid bloating.


Smoke the Chiles with continuous smoke for the full 2 hours. Remember. Continuous smoke!!!


Take the Chiles off and continue drying them in your oven at 200F (100c) or in a dehydrator for 6 hours.




Oh and if you don't have the patience to wait for the Jalapenos to turn red

just pickle them instead! Almost as good !!!



1 Cup White Vinegar

1 Cup Water

1 tsp Kosher Salt

Green Jalapenos sliced (I also remove the seeds from the slices)

Glass Jar


Put the Jalapeno slices in glass Jar. As many as you can get in there.


Boil the Vinegar, Water and Salt together for 3 minutes.


Pour the Pickling Liquid over the Jalapenos.


Put on the lid and let the Jar cool. When cool store the Jalapenos in the fridge. Eat after 1 week.