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Char Siu

The Classic Chinese BBQ'ed Pork.So easy to do and looks so good.

Remember, RED is da color for Happiness !!!

1 Pork File




1/2 Cup (1 dl) Light Soja

1/4 Cup (½ dl) Sherry

1/4 Cup (½ dl) Hoisin Sauce

2 Tbsp (Msk) Runny Honey

2 Tbsp (Msk) Oyster Sauce

1 tsp (tsk) Sesame Oil

2 tsp (tsk) Five Spice mix

A few dropsof Red Food Coloring


Mix the marinade. Inject Pork File with marinade through food injector.

Let Pork file marinate in Marinade for 48 hours in fridge.


Start up your Smoker for 250F (125c) and bake without smoke until Innertemperature

reaches 150F (75c). Enjoy Chinese BBQ !