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Canadian Bacon

Bacon is just so good. Unfortunately a Pork Belly contain a lot of fat. Not very healthy for ya.

So I make another version called Canadian Bacon, based on Pork Loin instead of Fat Pork Belly.

In my view Canadian Bacon not only is healthier it tastes better as well !


Pork Loin divided into two pieces

1 Quart Water Cold

1/4 Cup Salt

1/4 Cup Sugar

6 Hickory Chunks

Mix the Water, Salt and Sugar into a Brine. Put the Pork Loin pieces in the Brine

and place in the refrigerator for 7 days.

Start upyour Smoker at 250F for a 3 hour smoke

Put a thermometer into one of the pieces and place all the Meat on the Smoker

Add 3 Chunks of Hickory to the Smoker for good smoke

After 30 minutes add another 3 Chunks Hickory.

Take the Pork Loin pieces off when inside temperature reaches 145F

Let them cool. Slice thin and fry. It is sooo good !