Brisket is probably the Best Meat Ever to BBQ'!


In Texas, Brisket is the Number 1 in BBQ and it is the same here in "Little Texas" (Torshälla) !


As always it comes down to finding the Premium Beef.The actual cooking is simpler than you might think.

Just remember the cook always takes a lot longer than you think. I have had Briskets that have taken everything from 11 - 18 hours. 


Some people BBQ Brisket with a lot of spices but I do as I have learnt from Aaron Franklin in Texas and only use Kosher Salt and ground Blackpepper. These two together with smoking the meat with Hickory Chunks,

brings out the real Beefy Flavor you are looking for

We want it to taste of BBQ !!!!!




Brisket (mine are usually between 5 - 8 pounds)


Kosher Salt


Ground Black Pepper


Hickory Chunks for smoke




Foil Pan


Important: Start by putting toothpicks in the direction you will slice the meat when finished (against the grain). This because it is easier to see the fibers when the meat is still raw. I usually put one toothpick across the fibers on the ”Flat” of the Brisket (the flat part of the meat) and another toothpick across the fibers on the ”Point” (the hump at one end of the Brisket).


Season the meat with Salt & Black Pepper and put in fridge for 24-48 hours.


Start up your Smoker for a 250F (125c) BBQ


Put a thermometer in the meat and put meat in the Smoker. BBQ with some Hickory Chunks for smoke until inside temperature reaches 140F (70c)


Start up your oven at 250F (125c)


Put the Brisket in a Foil Pan and cover tightly with Foil. Keep the thermometer in the meat.

Put the Foil Pan in oven.


Take the Brisket up to inside temperature of 200F (98c). Then shut down the oven but keep the

Foil Pan in the oven with the door closed until the inside temperature comes down to 100F (50c)

or overnight.


Then slice meat thinly across the grain in the direction of the toothpicks. They are your guidance.


Enjoy a Super Good Taste of Beef😉