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BBQ Chicken

Not so much a recipe as more of a technique for the juiciest BBQ Chicken you can imagine.

I'm not joking! When you carve this Chicken don't forget to have a lot of tissue paper available!

It's JUICY !!!




1 Chicken around 3 pounds (1,5 kg)


1 Quart + ½ Cup Cold Water (1,2 Liter)


¼ Cup (1/2 dl) Salt


¼ Cup (1/2 dl) Sugar


4 Tbsp BBQ Rub

4 Tbsp Vegetable Oil


Apple Juice


Steel Bowl (big enough to hold the chicken, see picture)


Cherry Chunks


Make the brine by mixing Cold Water, Salt and Sugar.

Put the Chicken in a container and pour over brine. Put it in the fridge for 24 hours.


After 24 hours Mix the BBQ Rub and the Vetegetable Oil in a small bowl.

(This will be like a Marinade)

Take a really blunt knife (I use a wooden butter knife) and probe a gap between the Chicken Skin and the Chicken Meat. If the knife is blunt enough you can get under the skin all the way down to the legs.

You want to create a space between the Skin and the Meat.

Use a Food-brush and mop up the BBQ Rub & Oil paste and push as much as you can

between the Skin and the Meat all over the Chicken and all the way down to the legs.


Start up your smoker for a 3 hour smoke and take it up to 250F (125c)


Put the Chicken in the Steel Bowl with the breast side up.

(see picture below)


Put in a thermometer in the Breast Meat at the thickest point you can find.


Carefully pour the Apple Juice around the chicken.

I use around 1/2 Cup but it depends on how big the steelbowl is. It should come up a bit around the sides.


When the Smoker is at the right temperature put the Steel Bowl in the Smoker with the Chicken's Legs closest to the firebox. Put on some chunks of Cherry Wood for smoke.


BBQ the Chicken with a closed lid until the Chicken reaches 80c (160F) inside temperature.


Take it off the Smoker and let the Chicken rest in the bowl for 20 minutes with the Juice.


Enjoy a SuperJuicy BBQ’ed Chicken at it’s best!!!

(Don't forget the papertowels) 😁