Peppermint & Chocolate Cookies



230g (1 Cup) Smör mjukt (Butter Soft)


225g (1 ¼ Cup) Ljust Muscovado socker (Light Muscovado sugar)


170g (¾ Cup ) Strösocker (Granulated Sugar)


2 Stora Ägg (Large Eggs)


330g (2 Cups) Mjöl (Flour)


70g (¾ Cup) Cocoa Powder (Valhrona if you can get it. I get mine from Leila’s General store (read Excellent Store!) in Stockholm, Mood Gallerian.)


1 tsp Bakpulver (Baking Powder)


1 tsp Bikarbonat (Baking Soda)


1 tsp Vanilla 1 tsp Salt


150g Mörka Chokladknappar (Dark Chocolate Chips)


3 Tbsp Krossade Polkagrisar eller sånt godis (Crushed Candy Canes)


200g Mörk Blockchoklad (Dark Chocolate)


Sprinkles (as much as you want)


Set oven for 175C or 350F


Cream butter and sugars. Mix dry ingredients


Into butter mix one egg at a time. Put in dry stuff bit by bit and don’t overmix


Mix in Chocolate Chips


Put dough in fridge for 30 minutes to set


Make cookie balls and bake for 15 minutes


Melt Dark Chocolate, Brush onto cookies and sprinkle with crushed Candy Canes & Sprinkles