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Chocolate Mint Cookies

I declare these to be the Ultimate Chocolate Cookies !!!

The perfectly balanced flavor combination of Dark Chocolate,

Butter, Salt and just a touch of Peppermint is beyond fantastic !!!



50g Butter (Smör)

450g Dark Chocolate Chopped (Mörk Choklad Hackad)

2 Eggs (Ägg)

170g Light Muscovado Sugar (Ljust Muscovado Socker)

100g Flour (Mjöl)

3 Tbsp (Msk) Cocoa (Kakao)

3 tsp (tsk) Vanilla extract (Vanilj Socker)

1 tsp (tsk) Salt

1 tsp (tsk) Baking Powder (Bakpulver)

1 tsp (tsk) Peppermint Extract (Pepparmyntsolja)



Set your oven for 320F FAN or 350F Normal (160c Varmluft, 175c Normal)


Melt the Butter and chopped Dark Chocolate together in a bowl set over hot water.

(Make sure it is all melted and mixed properly).

Mix in the Peppermint Extract and take the bowl off the hot water to cool slightly.

In a stand mixer (köksmaskin) blend Eggs and Sugar really well.

With one tablespoon at a time, mix in the Butter/Dark Chocolate with the Eggs and Sugar.


In another bowl mix the Flour, Cocoa, Vanilla, Salt and Baking Powder

Mix the Flour mixture into the Chocolate mixture in two batches.


Useatablespoon or an ice cream scoop and make golf ball size balls and place them on a baking sheet.

(Not too close to each other. They will expand to almost double size when baked.)

Flatten balls (see picture below) so that they bake well.


Bake the Cookies for 12 minutes.


Indulge !!! Enjoy !!!  Savor the Super Chocolatey almost Decadent Melt in Your Mouth Cookies !!!!